Xu GuangYin
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  • Name: Xu GuangYin

  • TeachingTitleProfessor

  • Phone: 0512-65882817

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Speciality: 1. Translational Pain Medicine2. The mechanisms of Chronic Pain and Individual Pain Managements3. Gastrointestinal Nerve Functions and Diseases

   Dr. Xu is a principle investigator, full professor and Associated Director of the Institute of Neuroscience at Soochow University. He has been long interested in the field of Neuroscience and Pain Medicine. Dr. Xu had his postdoctoral training program and had been appointed as an Assistant Professor (Tenured Track) in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Texas Medical Branch of the United States of American since 1998. He was awarded a number of research funds, including those from NIH. His main research findings have been published in PNAS, Journal of Neuroscience, Gastroenterology, GUT, Pain, Diabetes, etc. Dr. Xu was Associate Editor of Neuroscience Bulletin, Editorial Board Member of Biomed Research International, Am J of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Pain and Itch, Channels, etc and a peer-reviewer of a number of international journals such as GUT, AJP-GI, Mol Pain, Mol Brain, etc. He returned to China in 2010 and was appointed as “Jiangsu Distinguished Professor” in 2010 and “Double Innovation Talent Award” in 2013 and the leader of the “Jiangsu Double talents team” in 2015. His research has been funded by the key project from the NSFC of China. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers in top-tier international journals.


Selected Publications:

  1. Hong-Hong Zhang, Ji Hu*, You-Lang Zhou, Xin Qin, Zhen-Yuan Song, Pan-Pan Yang, Shu-Fen Hu, Xing-Hong Jiang and Guang-Yin Xu*. Promoted interaction of nuclear factor-kappa B with demethylated purinergic P2X3 receptor gene contributes to neuropathic pain in rats with diabetes.Diabetes. 2015. 64:4272–4284.

  2. You-Lang Zhou, Guo-Qin Jiang, Jin-Rong Wei, Hong-Hong Zhang, Wei Chen, Hong-Yan Zhu, Shu-Fen Hu, Xing-Hong Jiang and Guang-Yin Xu*. Enhanced Binding Capability of Nuclear Factor-кB with Demethylated P2X3 receptor Gene Contributes to Cancer Pain in Rats. Pain 2015 May 28. PMID: 26049406

  3. Hong-Hong Zhang, Ji Hu, You-Lang Zhou, Shu-Fen Hu, Yong-Meng Wang, Wei Chen, Ying Xiao, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Xing-Hong Jiang and Guang-Yin Xu*.  Promoted interaction of nuclear factor-kappa B with demethylated cystathionine-beta-synthetase gene contributes to gastric hypersensitivity in diabetic rats. Journal of Neuroscience. 2013 May 22; 33(21): 9028-9038.

  4. Fei-Hu Qi, You-Lang Zhou, Ying Xiao, Jin Tao, Jian-Guo Gu, Xing-Hong Jiang and Guang-Yin Xu*. Promoter demethylationof cystathionine-beta-synthetase gene contributes to inflammatory pain in rats. Pain. 2013154(1): 34-45.

  5. Ping-An Zhang#, Qi-Ya Xu #, Lu Xue, Hang Zheng, Jun Yan, Ying Xiao* and Guang-Yin Xu*. Neonatal Maternal Deprivation Enhances Presynaptic P2X7 Receptor Transmission in Insular Cortex in an Adult Rat Model of Visceral Hypersensitivity.CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics. 2017,23(2):145-154.